Free Solar Panels PV Northern Ireland

PV Solar Panel Prices – What does FREE Solar Panels really mean?

  • If you have been offered, or, you are considering FREE SOLAR PV PANELS, be sure you understand your legal rights and have been given all the facts about the benefits you could be giving up on. FREE SOLAR PANELS may sound too good to be true and, depending on your circumstances, it could be just that! Amber Green Solar encourages you to THINK TWICE.

Or is it??

Be aware!!!

Amber Green Solar has not been a big fan of Domestic Free Solar PV in Northern Ireland. We’ve always believed that the homeowner should be the ones to benefit from the 20 year Government subsidy by way of NIROC from having solar PV installed on their roof. If we are going to benefit from solar panels Ireland wide then it has to benefit the homeowner.

How it works: As a homeowner you give an Investor backed solar pv installer a 20 year + lease over your roof. In return, you get to avail of the energy the system produces for free. Some leases allow you to use all the energy, some limit the amount you can use. Check you lease details carefully to ensure there are no penalties for using too much of the energy.

In return for the energy you give the Investor behind the installer all the financial benefits associated with the NIROC, this is what the investor is looking to benefit from. They will also benefit from any excess energy produced which is then sold back to the grid.

However, there could be legal problems ahead, especially in Northern Ireland due to the Business Tenancies Order.

It has become clear in recent weeks that the Business Tenancies Order is likely to give any providers of FREE SOLAR PANELS a security of tenure and a right to renew their lease at the end of the 20 year term on your home, without needing your consent.

In England and Wales this security of tenure can be expressly excluded but in NI this is not possible. This means that solar panels throughout Ireland wide come with different circumstances. As a result, it appears that the majority of Banks in Northern Ireland are not happy to consent to the installation of FREE solar panels on residential homes – on the 20 year model where your roof is leased to an Investor. Due to the lengthy legal processes involved, it means that you could end up in a process that is a dead-end, at best or dubious legally at worst.

Even if your property is not mortgaged, should you ever need to remortgage or sell to someone who needs a mortgage in the future, then they could be prevented from doing so unless Banks move from their current position.

When considering FREE SOLAR PANELS you should be issued with a letter advising you that you seek independent legal advice, particularly as to the implications of security of tenure under the Business Tenancies Order.


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